Agent login/logout Detail

I need to know in which directory agent (Ext) login/logout time is saved and in database where it is saving the record. When a agent login and logout from his extensions.
I am using queues and i have static agents in the queue.


IIRC there’s a queue.log and it’s stored there.

Static agents can not log out.

I mean the extension like 8001 using xlite, eyebeam. when they login and logout from xlite where its store its data.
queue.log don’t have agent login and logout time.

It does actually store details every time you log in or out in queue_log but it does not include the time

Thanks for reply.
Then what is the solution for agent extension logon and logoff time. from where i have to get it. Is there any option in the system for enabling it ?


This software appears to have what you are looking for. Go to the demo site and run a Full Agent Report.

This might work too. I believe some forum members have worked with TimeTrex before.

In asternic the full agent report having a tables of event and time. Is that mean dynamic agent or static agent when they login and logout from the queue ? If it is dynamic then from where they are taking this data.


Application specific questions are best answered by the developer.

They have “Chat Now” feature on the page too, it looks like.

TimeTrex is more of a time-accounting (W-2, HR, Reviews, etc.) program. It can certainly be used for something like this, but it might be hunting mice with an elephant gun.

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