AGC Function / call function for only certain extensions

I have a handful of Fanvil door phones (i31s and similar) that lack AGC on their mic’s, and have more recently had problems with people alternately yelling directly into them or mumbling from 4 feet away. As these are access control devices on the exterior of the facility, we get delivery agents (Fedex guys love to scream-talk apparently), applicants, and other walk ups so instructing them to correctly use them is less than optimal.

I see that there is an AGC function available in Asterisk, but implementing it is a bit beyond me, it’s been a while since I did any dial plan hackery and my ability to comprehend/write was always poor

I’ve seen this example, where macro-dial-one was overridden. From what I can understand, this would enforce AGC on all calls that pass through the system, which I definitely don’t need / want. Is there a way I could adapt this (or a better way to implement) to limit it to a subsect of extensions, 23xx?

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