Again on phones ringing in a queue

Still don’t find a useful or definitive answer:

Is there a way to make queue agents keep ringing while caller listens to position announcement ?

Actually agents phones ring and stop and ring and stop and…


I don’t believe so, or at least not without substituting for a lot of the queue application.

I think you may also misunderstand the cause and effect here. Announcements are only made when an agent isn’t being called. The Queue application calls the selected agents for a certain amount of time, then pauses for a short time, and re-evaluates the available agents for the next round of calling. Only when there are no eligible agents, or during the pause, can it give position announcements. It doesn’t stop the ringing to make the announcement, but rather makes the announcements only at times when it is not ringing.

Well… a plain stupid behavior that common mortals would looking for, is to have agent’s phone ringing with no pause and meanwhile, at time intervals , position announcement should be played.
As MoH is played while phones rings, in a call transfer or queue or ring group.
I don’t see the technical or wanted limitation in doing so, but surely it’s there.

That’s not how queues work. A queue is not meant to have callers being constantly ringing agents without pausing. A queue is meant to hold the callers in an ordered manner so that the agents can handle other calls. When these callers are held in the queue you can playback on hold music or other announcements. They can enter DTMF to exit the queue or request a callback, etc. No of that can be done if the call is in a state of ringing or not-connected such as when agents are being rung.

If you are constantly sending callers to agents from the queue with no pausing/holding how do you expect a position announcement to be played? What position are they in while being rung? How will they get that playback when the call is ringing 4 phones?

It sounds like the common mortals requesting this are not clear on how queues actually work or what they were designed for.

Moreover, if it is ringing, to the best of Asterisk’s knowledge there are enough agents available to take all the calls that are ringing on that queue, immediately, although that could change, if an agent pauses, or logs out. Basically, if it is ringing, the call is joint next inline to be answered. and there is an agent free to do that.

It sounds like the common mortals requesting this are not clear on how queues actually work or what they were designed for.

I think so… :joy:

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