After Yesterday's Module Updates, 4-2-18, Fail2ban Should Always be Running

I have two identical FreePBX Distros, version 10.13.66-22 working perfectly in two locations. Yesterday, 4-2-18, about 5 module updates were available and were performed on each system. Today, 4-3, there was one module update available, Certman. When I went to each server to update certman, I noticed in the Dashboard of both that Fail2ban was not running.

I Googled and STFed and found some old stuff which seemed to be a module issue, nothing that I have done as no changes were made. Several fixes are suggested for those specific instances so not sure what to do. Fail2ban had been running just fine up until I noticed it dead tonight. A reboot did not start it.

When going to the System Admin > the fail2ban tab (Intrusion Detection), I got an exception that it “Could Not Get Banned List”.

What happened? Anybody else experience this? What did I do and more importantly I would like to get it running again.



Thanks Lorne for the one answer to do. That fixed it. I did find that one but did not use that answer because of the HA (High Availability) system mentioned.

Please forgive me for being a chicken sometimes when multiple answers to a problem might be provided.

I have asked this question before when things suddenly go awry and nary an answer but…

why did this happen?


Although, since that happened, the GUI does no longer show the status of fail2ban correctly, if it’s running or not.
It always shows running, even if it’s stopped.

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