After upgrading PHP4 to PHP5, FreePBX 2.5.1 does't work

Hi everybody,

I upgraded PHP on my server from version 4.3 to version 5.2. It was originally a Trixbox 2.2 box. After upgrading PHP, everything else is working fine, including Trixbox GUI. But when I click on FreePBX link, or try to go to any FreePBX page directly, it just shows a blank screen.

I used command ‘yum install php php-mysql -–enablerepo=centosplus’

PHP scripts in general are working fine. There is no problem with Appache and MySQL. As I mentioned, Trixbox GUI is also working fine.

I need help on what could have gone wrong with FreePBX and how to make it work again? I googled but couldn’t find any solution so far.

check the value of memory_limit it should be set at 100M

Memory limit was 64M. I increased it to 100M, restarted httpd, but no change. Previous php.ini was using 64M and I never had any problem. I tried copying the old php.ini but to no avail.

I guess its a rare issue and has something to do with my settings, that is why no response yet. On my next asterisk box, which will be PBX-in-a-Flash box, I’ll try it on PHP5. For now I have reverted my Trixbox 2.2 box back to php4 and FreePBX is working again.

yum remove php*
yum install php php-mysql