After upgrade to freepbx15, Asterisk starts twice on reboot and all extensions are busy

When I reboot my Distro 15 (or sometimes even restart asterisk/Dahdi) my extensions come back very slowly, and even though they show as registered, dialing them gives a busy signal. when i try to fwconsole restart asterisk, after the prehooks I get the message that asterisk is already running and can not be restarted.

I have found that there are two pids for safe_asterisk and for asterisk. when I kill all four pids (safe first, or asterisk restarts after the kill) and then fwconsole restart, everything connects again. Where can I look to see what is starting the second pid for asterisk, and how do I stop it?

Thank you for your help.

Digging around, I found /etc/systemd/system/ that starts fwconsole. It is dated January 2020, long before I updated to Freepbx 15. Is that the right file, or could it be an artifact from an earlier version?

I also have /etc/rc.d/init.d/asterisk, updated Feb 2023.

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