After upgrade to FreePBX 16 OpenVPN not startingi


Upgrade was successful. But now in the Dashboard I get a message “The OpenVPN Server configuration has been updated. Please restart the VPN server and Fail2Ban to apply the changes”

I’ve restarted the machine, but the message persists. At the CLI it looks like both services are disabled. Could somebody advise on how I can troubleshoot? I did previously use OpenVPN.



I have the same issue. Does anyone know how to clear this error. When I hit resolve it takes me under system admin and VPN server Tab. I tried disabling and reenabling error is still there. I even rebooted the server and error is still there


I have the same problem.
What to do?
Restarting freepbx did not help.


I am unable to reproduce this. As the sysadmin VPN is a paid module, you’re entitled to support.

I have the same issue but I never installed OpenVPN on FreePBX

Warning will not automatically go away after restarting openvpn, so please dismiss the warning. you should not get the warning again . Thanks

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