After some updates, no more CDR call log in virtual extensions after time condition

I have set up a virtual extension in FreePBX to log missed calls outside of business hours, aiming to view them in the User Control Panel (UCP). Initially, this worked, but after an update, calls (directed to this extension from a Time Condition structure) are no longer logged.

The issue occurs on multiple systems. I don’t want to use the Missed Calls Email Notifications extension or similar email-based solutions.

Interestingly, if I place this extension before the Time Condition (for example as an inbound rule destination), the call logs correctly. Also, direct calls to this extension are recorded correctly in CDR.

Can you assist in resolving this issue to ensure proper call logging in CDR?

  1. Are you certain (log review) that the time condition is triggering in the way you are expecting (sending the call to the extension)?

Absolutely, I am certain of this.
After this extension, there is a specific announcement that is triggered only by the follow-me-up routine of this extension, and it is working properly.

Additionally, I have tested different FreePBX machines and various strategies to ensure I correctly understood FreePBX behavior.

For example, I even switched the source and destination extensions, and the call is always logged in the source extension but never in the destination.

Also, I directly placed extension 2 as destination in the follow-me-up routine of extension 1: in extension 1, the call is logged, but not in extension 2.

wow, nobody any idea? it’s so compicated?

no idea?

What is " follow-me-up"? Is that a FreePBX context or is that a custom context?

freepbx function on each extension

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