After replacement tel cannot xfer to queues

Hi Folks

New member here trying to get a hold on a few issues .

We have Free PBX and Yealink tels T38 type . When I replaced a tel I now get an unavailable message in the sip logs and I am not sure if the telephone is active in the queue . When you call the ext from the Auto Attendant it goes straight to voicemail . Then logs show " Unavailable " and the caller goes to voicemail .

Any suggestions or ideas ?

Thx Merlin

Did you provision the new phone and setup the same account on it as old phone?
What version of FreePBX are you running? (You can find this in System Admin module)
What endpoint manger (if any) are you using?

Hi Mark
Thx for the reply .

What someone did in the free pbx main page profile for the extensions is try to make all calls go to the same voicemail .

They changed the setting for dial to 100 instead of 101 etc . And on the Mailbox value they put in [email protected] for ext 101 . When the call was sent thru the IVR you dialed 101 and it rang ext 100 instead of ringing ext 101 .

2 extensions 100 and 101 are set up as a queue so all they had to do was to use the queue settings and change the destination mailbox to 100 but why they did this I don’t know .

Again Thx for the reply !


Hi Merlin,
I am not 100% sure what you want to achieve …
Do you want extensions 100 and 101 to ring from an IVR but if no answer send to voicemail 100?

Just on a side note, if you go into asterisk cli ( type astersik -rvvv) and issue sip show peers command in there, does your extension show up in there ???

Hi Pezz
Yes it does show up in the sip peers

I actually have 2 members in a queue and both to answer via the queue which is working now . Very simple

They are now set correctly to go to ext 100 vmail if no answer .

Pretty simple but I could not understand what happened until I tested out yesterday and found the way it was programmed caused ext 101 not to ring but to go on all calls to ext 100 . Logs show it saw 101 attempted to xfer to it but then sent the caller to 100 .

Thank You for the reply as I had to do some work to see what was going on …