After rebooting FreePBX, all IPs are now banned

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Our FreePBX is a VM and the host needed install updates, so shut down the FreePBX 14 VM and installed updates on the VM host. When powered the FreePBX VM back up it banned all IP including all our phones and our trunk.

In the emails it is sending out it is stating "The IP has just been banned by Fail2Ban after attempts agains SIP on FreePBX

I checked the firewall in FreePBX to make sure that the settings were correct for the network interfaces and also zones for internal network were set to trusted.

Ahhh! No idea what changed to make it ban everything!

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After checking a few things, I noticed that SIP driver was set to both when it should be chan_sip as we have pj_sip devices. Rebooted and still have the same error

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The trunk is back up, but all extensions still being banned

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Cleared all the banned IPs and looks to behaving normally again.

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