After module updates (10/2), constant red Error in right corner

After updating the the 3 modules tonight (10/2), every time I click to go to any other page, I get a re error in the upper right corner of the web gui. Never had it prior to the updates tonight. It seems I can go to any page one time without the error, and when I return to the Dashboard, I get the red error everytime on any page.

And, on a couple occasions when going to the UCP via the tab, I got the debug trace screen. I didn’t capture it, yet, but will next time. Took another click and it ‘went through’.

Latest distro 13, all updates, etc.



Your error report is confusing so I hope you can provide some screenshots. You say every page. Then you say only when you go to dashboard.

Sorry… Sometimes I do have a hard time trying to explain a visualization.

Attached is a current UCP error.

And… I cannot now replicate the little red error that came up on every page! ARGH! It came up on every GUI page that I went to; Dashboard, Module Admin, CDR., etc. the little red flag that simply states error. It would still go to the page just fine, but display the error flag. Hope that helps. But then again… it’s not doing it now.

Whatever RSS feed you are using is invalid.

Thanks Andrew, but the only RSS feeds I am using are the stock ones from, contained and within FreePBX.

I will poke around a bit more…


Revert (using the two little arrows icon) to the original content of that field…

Maybe there’s something that FreePBX doesn’t like which got inserted in there…

I don’t know how I ended up with that but there was a space in front (or was it the back) of one of those URL and I had error messages, maybe you have something similar…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Andrew, what kind of RSS feeds are we supposed to use there (RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0 or Atom?), when I tried to add another one (Slashdot) it failed…

Thank you and have a nice day!


A follow-up here.

Last night, 10/3, when going to the Dashboard, it hung there at 80% and never seemed to time out and go to the Dashboard.

Refresh did nothing accept to start it up again and hang, but I was able to click on “Dashboard” in the UI and for an instant was able to capture the error before it refreshed completely again.

I figured I had best go to the forum and update this and found the forums were down. Ah Ha! The culprit! If your feeds are having issues, my Dashboard is having issues! Therefore the red Error on all pages, I would assume.

Is there a timeout on these feeds? And if your feeds are down, why would an error show up making me believe it is an error with my box?

Just some thoughts for clarity and ease of use.


The feeds are cached and do not load real time so it has nothing to do with the forums being down (also the feeds are not taken from the forums)


Should I file a bug report then?

It does seem coincidental that the forums and web site were down, (either you, my isp or other interference), and this hung forever.

What then is the solution to this intermittent issue?

Thanks a bunch for your thoughts.


There is no solution.

Gotcha! I can understand and accept that!