After IVR change, one of the extensions cannot be dialed to


I just changed the IVR config from a scheduled IVR paths with a greeting that prompted press 1 for paul 2 for Ringo etc, to a single greeting with no schedule and they are given the 3 digit extension to dial directly. I don’t like this option but it’s what the new boss wanted.
After setting that up, I have a single extension, 234, The bosses of course… that when dialed from teh IVR prompt will return to the IVR prompt after timeout and never actually dial the extension. All the others work fine and that extension can be dialed internally just fine.
I cant’ see any difference between this extension and any other.
Ideas please?

logs, logs, we always need logs, no logs and you will only get guesses.

Hi Dicko,
I was hoping that it was just something dumb that a lot of people do… and it might have been.

After checking further myself I find it was several, but not all of the extensions, that could not be dialed from IVR prompt . And I don’t understand the difference here.

I just changed IVR DTMF Option called “Enable Direct Dial” from “Direct Extension Dial” to “Enabled” and that made them work as expected.
What is the difference between those two options? and what log would have revealed this config error?

Look at the hover over help for ‘force strict dial timeout’

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