After Hours IVR

Trying to route calls made to a DID, to an IVR setup for After Hours operations. I’m probably overthinking it, but here’s what I’ve done. I created a Time Group made up of the time between the close of business to the opening of business the next day, and named it After Hours TG. I created a Time Condition using that Time Group and named it After Hours TC, to send the calls to the After Hours IVR as the “Destintion if time matches,” and to send the calls to the Extension (or DID) in the “Destination if time does not match.” What I thought this would do is allow all calls to continue to flow to the DID until the time is met in the After Hours TC, at which time calls would route to the IVR. Not so much.

What’s the easiest way to accomplish this?

I don’t know what the deal is, but it’s not working for me. Thanks for the help though - you’ve at least confirmed for me that my thinking is correct in terms of the way it SHOULD work. I’ll spend some time trying to figure out what’s hangin me up. Thanks :slight_smile:

A bit more info:

Running Asterisk 1.4 and FreePBX v2.8.0.4.

The Time Group named After Hours TG is setup as follows:


The Time Condition named After Hours TC is setup as follows:

Time Group: After Hours TG
No Association
Destination if time matches: IVR - After Hours IVR
Destination if time doesn’t match: Extension(s) - <2154> Front Desk

The IVR works fine as I’ve tested it with a feature code. I just can’t get it to play according to the Time Condition. What am I missing?

i think the time groups act weird when they have midnight in the middle of the time. i would try turning these around…

TG named Business Hours
0830-1700 M-F
0830-1730 Sat - Sun

TC set up associated with Business Hours:

Destination on match: Extension 2154 Front Desk
Dest on mismatch: After Hours IVR

I should have noticed this in your original post that you had time ranges with day changes embedded in them.

The above will work because I have lots of these going.

What exactly do you mean “calls flow to the DID”? Do you mean calls that come in on some DID are routed to some extension? If that is what you mean then what you described as your logic sounds exactly right. If it is not working, its more likely your implementation does not reflect the logic you have laid out.

I say DID, but I guess I mean an extension. I want calls that would normally ring an extension during normal business hours, to be routed to an IVR that plays after normal business hours. I created a time group and time condition to facilitate it. For one reason or another however, it’s not working. When I dial the extension after business hours, the phone just rings and the IVR never plays.