After Hours IVR and Call setup for Notifying employees of call

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I am not to familiar with freePBX, it is something we have used in the past for handling after hours calls for customers needing support.
The way it used to work is that they would leave a message and the it would call all the technicians cell phones until they pressed 1 to accept the message as well as it would send a voicemail recording to their emails, at this point this function has stopped working but i do not even know where to look at where this was configured.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you give me a little hint on to where to find it in the wiki or what it would be classified under?

Did you read it yet, or are you asking me to read it to you? (It will take you longer than 2 minutes)

I am looking at it, i am under the gun to get this back up and running,
I do not see any areas to where I would find it off the top of my head,. I would love a category to dive into instead of rummaging through the entire wiki

Your lack of preparation will never instill in many a state of concern, please find and spend the time to understand WTF you are doing before you ask for help :wink:

Thanks for the sage like wisdom dicko

You’re welcome

Try it , it works for everybody else :slight_smile:

I am sure it does with enough time… of which I do not have but thanks for keeping the stereotype alive.

Me neither about time for you, but you can hopefully find resolution to your problems at

Well it looks like… is the voice mail notification application, which somehow disappeared from the pbx as it is prompting me to buy it… so i guess a phonecall in the morning is in order.


The way we handle this for after-hours calls is to have a specific extension (or ring group) that the after-hours calls are directed to (via IVR, DID, time condition, etc). This extension has follow-me configured for the after hours tech’s cell number (this accomplishes essentially forwarding the call to the tech cell) with “confirm calls” configured in follow-me (this accomplished the "press 1 to accept, etc). If the call is missed, we have the extension set to send it to a voicemail blast group that includes the after-hours tech and manager/supervisor’s extensions. These extensions should already be configured for voicemail to email (this will accomplish the voicemail to email for the tech and anyone else that needs to see).

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Definitley informative, and we got most of it working. Thank you for the insight. now i just need to find where to program the mail server for email notifications also

This you may need to configure in the distributions’ built in postfix to use as relay, probably ?
(which may be out of scope of FreePBX wiki no less, but postfix manuals on the 'net do provide good info… I have not saved any links myself, googling ‘postfix relay’ I think worked for me)

I will take a look. Thank you for the help.

see also Configuring Postfix as a Gmail Relay on FreePBX Distro it’s for GMail but it’s either this or I googled to find the one I use (for 1and1/1und1)

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also voting to have this description put into the Wiki or somewhere public :slight_smile:

you might want to look at the voicemail notifications module - its a commercial module but it might really help you with your after hours tech notifications

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