After firewall started i get locked out

(Joseph Chrzempiec) #1

Hello after the firewall starts up i get locked out of the terminal program I’m using sense I do a lot of things remotely. I’m not sure why that is. I just installed the latest verison and i get locked out after it says Firewall is started. How can i stop this from happening?


(Communication Technologies) #2

Turn off the firewall or adjust the firewall rules to allot for connections from your IP range.

(Bob Reiber) #3

Use dynamic DNS on your computer and whitelist that URL. Should prevent some mishaps.

(Joseph Chrzempiec) #4

Thank you i forgot about the whitelisting my Internal Ip address. I do not know why it blocked me for.


(Joseph Chrzempiec) #5

I’m not that good at firewalls and i could mess something up. But bksales had a point i forgot a long time ago was to whitelist my self. I’m going to try that.


(Sholinaty) #6

it blocked you because you were not on the whitelist. the firewall did its job, and prevented the Stranger Danger.

(Joseph Chrzempiec) #7

Yes that it true. however this is internal on the same network. This happens just right after the firewall starts up.


(Sholinaty) #8

i would be surprised if it Didnt. being on the local network does not make you “safe”.
I havent played with this firewall in the past, but it is not uncommon to require configuration before allowing local-remote access.

(Jared Busch) #9

The initial firewall wizard specifically asks about adding the network subnet you are connecting from to the firewall.

(Joseph Chrzempiec) #10

Everything is all good now. Thank you all for the help. Whitelisting my self helped and I’m all good.