After firewall started i get locked out

Hello after the firewall starts up i get locked out of the terminal program I’m using sense I do a lot of things remotely. I’m not sure why that is. I just installed the latest verison and i get locked out after it says Firewall is started. How can i stop this from happening?


Turn off the firewall or adjust the firewall rules to allot for connections from your IP range.

Use dynamic DNS on your computer and whitelist that URL. Should prevent some mishaps.

Thank you i forgot about the whitelisting my Internal Ip address. I do not know why it blocked me for.


I’m not that good at firewalls and i could mess something up. But bksales had a point i forgot a long time ago was to whitelist my self. I’m going to try that.


it blocked you because you were not on the whitelist. the firewall did its job, and prevented the Stranger Danger.

Yes that it true. however this is internal on the same network. This happens just right after the firewall starts up.


i would be surprised if it Didnt. being on the local network does not make you “safe”.
I havent played with this firewall in the past, but it is not uncommon to require configuration before allowing local-remote access.

The initial firewall wizard specifically asks about adding the network subnet you are connecting from to the firewall.

Everything is all good now. Thank you all for the help. Whitelisting my self helped and I’m all good.


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