After doing a yum update and upgrading all the modules on free pbx, GUI now displays Blank Screen

main page redirecting to /admin/config.php which is blank…

looked at some of the guides on here. nothing seems to have sorted.


rm -Rf /var/www/html/admin/modules/extensionroutes
amportal a ma download extensionroutes
amportal a ma install extensionroutes

i cannot put the output of

amportal a dbug

as it says i am not allowed to post links in posts??

the config.php is the page its trying open,

its dated last night for some reason??

if i run…

[[email protected] admin]# pwd
[[email protected] admin]# php config.php
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /var/www/html/admin/config.php on line 58
[[email protected] admin]#

i get the above parse error.

i have hashed out that line and it now seems to be working,

but i am worried the file has been modified last night… not by myself.

can anyone provide a copy of the cofig file so i can check mine has not been tampered with.

the line i have hashed out is:

if([“function”]==“system”) exit();

You can view the code online at

For this file specifically, you can see the 2.11 or 12 by clicking on the version numbers (which will link directly to those versions of the file).

You have most-likely been hacked.