After activating SIPStation endpoint is adding +1

Hey everyone,

I have everything configured on my FreePBX, and I am just about to push this into production. I was using the SIPStation trial - the trial trunks are different from the production trunks.

Once I activated the SIPStation account, the endpoints connected to FreePBX began adding a +1 on all outbound calls. This is problematic because we can’t redial from our call history (says “No dial plan rules matched.”)

I’m not sure why the change after moving from the trial to activated SIPStation account. I guess I need to either remove the +1 or add the +1 to the dial plan rules.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Is there a setting that I am missing after having upgraded to the full SIPStation account?

Thanks in advance!!

You should probably do both. For the former, you could turn off Send RPID for the extensions having the issue (not the best long-term fix because it disables Connected Line features). A correct fix would require custom dial plan code. But I’m puzzled that incoming calls don’t show the +1.

The latter is easy, just add a pattern to the Outbound Route(s) in question, for example:
Prepend: (leave blank)
Prefix: +
Match pattern: 1NXXNXXXXXX

I just added the pattern you suggested in the Outbound Route. No change. A reboot shouldn’t be necessary after adding the pattern in the outbound route should it?

Turning off RPID does do the trick. Hmmm…

No, but after Submit you must Apply Config. Possibly, the phones have a dial plan (sometimes called digit map) that prohibits the + character (not sending the call to Asterisk). You probably need to check this yourself – the OP just says they are ‘endpoints’ and I’m not familiar with most makes/models.

Sorry, I should have provided more information. These are all Grandstream GXP2130 phones. I added the changes to the outbound route, this did not affect the problem. (I did apply the config after making the change.)

Next I turned off RPID, and that did solve the issue. I guess I need to research the ConnectedLines features and find out what impact this will have on our daily use.

I don’t know all the cases where ConnectedLine is used, but some examples:

  1. When you complete an attended transfer, the transferred-to phone’s display changes to show the number of the original caller or callee.
  2. When you pick up a parked call, your phone shows the number of the parked caller or callee.
  3. When you answer someone else’s ringing phone (BLF, pickup group, directed call pickup), your phone will show the caller’s number.

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