Advise for a newbie to FreePBX

Hello, I’m to FreePBX so wanted to say hi here and ask for some guidance on starting out.

I’ve started down this track purely as an experimentation/learning exercise for my home personal use and I’m looking forward to the journey :slight_smile:

Any pointers/recommendations welcome, I like doing the research+failing but appreciate when I’m put on the right track i.e. investigate “this” topic Kelv.

So for now I was hoping someone could give me a steer on these…

-Which version of FreePBX should I start out with v12beta or earlier stable? I’m running an Ubuntu Server 14.04 with KVM virtual machines and have already tried and succeed getting a v12 install working (completed) by installing over Ubuntu using the wiki guide. But should I stick with an earlier release?

-My intention was to get Asterisk/FreePBX working as a SIP server, get some softphone extensions locally working on my private network and then progress onto external SIP providers. However I’ve also got a Cisco SPA112 adapter so I was thinking I could us that analog to SIP from my home phone and play around with IVR and recording etc?

Is there a recommended track to start with so I learn the basics before moving onto the more complicated stuff?



Well I would not bother with an early beta.

Sounds like you have free pix and our distro confused.

The distro includes an OS so you would download the ISO and mount it to a KVM and have a complete system. Ubuntu, while supported by some vocal advocates is not the OS that FreePBX is designed for so there will be quirks and you will need to get Zend up if you want to try any of the commercials modules.

All that being said if you are happy with 12 on your Ubuntu and it is stable I would say have fun and take it to the rails.

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Thanks Skyking, I’ve now played around with the distro (understood the differences) and settled on building a stable combination of Asterisk 11 and FPBX 2.11 in an Ubuntu vm. Got my first SIP call working between extensions…once I understood the relationship between FreePBX and Asterisk using the big red “Apply Config” button :wink:

Got some other questions but specific to my hardware and intent so started a new thread for this.

Appreciate your help.

is your friend don’t forget him :slight_smile:

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