Advice on building FreePBX

Good morning,

I’m seeking for advice and opinion.

Actually, at work, we have a pbx (Freepbx/Asterisk, an old release of 2012… never updated). It’s running on a physical machine.

I have to rebuilt is as there is some glitch happening, and it was never updated, so i dont want to take the risk of that.

I’m looking to move it to a Virtual machine on ESXi 5.0. Some told me “go”, other no…

There is my “setup”

±40 extension
2 extension for fax
Voicemail for each users
IVR for all incoming calls (Simple one: day and night, and different message regarding of that, then transfer to reception or extension)
Few ring groups and time comdition.

Can it be possible to move it on a VM Environnement?

Thanks a lot

Depends mainly on how your 9 DID’s are getting transported into the old system.
Are you running an internal card in the physical box? Or are you running a PSTN to VOIP Gateway? Or are they all VOIP / SIP DIDs?
I have run successfully in ESXi and Hyper-V with no problem at all.
I have a site where they use a physical box for day to day but have it mirrored to a VM on ESXi in case their physical dies.

I have a client that runs FreePBX virtualized (Hyper V), but the most critical thing is that your have the resources for it and that you setup integration services with the host machine so it doesn’t have to do more work then it needs to. It is also important to consider how much of a load will be on the machine. Is it manipulating codecs in anyway? That takes quite a bit of processing power and is sometimes even hardware specific. At the end of the day, your going to just have to test it to find if it works for your specific needs. See if it works for an acceptable amount of time (I recommend a month) with the second machine on standby, then decommission the old machine.

The DID are coming througt a voip gateway (Digium G100 (pri to SIP)

Redbasi: So you suggest to reverse resource for that VM, to insure it got all what it need?