Advice MAPI Outlook click2call tools

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thanks lgaetz, looks like some of that it still in development
maybe there are new/other solutions?

lgaetzLorne GaetzSangoma EmployeeNov '13
Users reading this thread might be happy to know that there are several projects that provide Outlook integration, some of which are free. Since there is a field to choose from, you may opt to select a product that relies on more conventional marketing techniques.

SipTAPI - I recently tested with decent results
Activa - free and open source
Ingenius Connector - not free, may or may not still be available or perhaps available under a different name
TeleTrigger - Works great if your phones are supported
OutCAll - freeware, at one point did not support 64bit systems, may be fixed or not
AstTAPI - Free, open source, can’t recall testing it, development has stopped.

I am not affiliated with ANY of these products nor am I a current user of any. I expect there are others of which I am not aware or I have forgotten. I encourage others to add to the list.

I use Zulu now:

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Thanks, found it, $10 per license 20 bundles, not bad

any opensource ones with simple functions?