Advice for multiple queues (based on DID) and one call flow?

Hi all,

Looking for some advice before I spend the afternoon making what could be something simple into something very redundant and complex. We have a call center and are looking to have calls be placed in queues based on DID which appears to be simple enough. However we first want the incoming call to first hit a call flow control to see if there’s a closing based on weather if not. If there’s no weather closing then it hits a time condition based on holiday, if no holiday then it hits a time condition based on business hours. If we are open then it gets placed into the proper queue based on the DID dialed. From everything I can find it seems that time conditions can only drop calls into one queue that you specify. Therefore do I need to create x amount of call flow controls, holiday and business time conditions so each DID has it’s own or if there a better way to go about this?

Thank you!

You can do it with a custom dialplan.

Third party module Dynroutes can do this. You can branch the call based on the value of ${CALLERID(number)} after the call flow control(s).

Hi Lorne,

Thank you for your prompt reply and help. It seems as if Dynroutes is based on the Caller ID and not the number that they dialed to reach us. I’d like to route calls into queues after going through the call flow based on the number they used to reach us.

Looking at the example from the documentation I found on Dynroutes,
it says priority callers will be identified by their phone number (callerid column). The lookup will be configured to return the value from the priority column. I believe I’m looking to identify callers by the number they dialed in not their own phone number. Please let me know if I’m mistaken. Thank you!

My mistake. Use the channel variable FROM_DID