Advanced Recovery

Hi guys.
I am newer on the site. :blush:
I Have installed two Freepbx 16.0.33 and I have purchase and activate the “Advanced Recovery” claim on both.
I have configured the service and they are synchronizing themself.
…a question for you !!! :thinking:
Is it possibile to use a virtual IP address on both server ? Because I have Ermes ( SOS ) sip extensions with only 1 sip client on board.
This is a safety system in the Frejus Tunnel
Thank you for your help

Unfortunately no. Advanced Recovery covers a narrow failover use case and that is pretty much limited to hardware failure on the primary PBX. It’s not meant to handle any sort of failure outside of that.

OK : Thank’s. I will maintenance them with 3th part virtual IP

I don’t think this will get you want you want. Advance Recovery is not meant to be used the same as some HA (high availability) implementations where the two units act as one. As far as I am aware that’s not an option in FreePBX.

It’s literally only for hardware failure for the primary PBX.

Your SIP endpoints can only register to one PBX at a time. Queue states and active channels don’t sync between the units etc.

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