Advanced Recovery Secondary Server Query During Testing

I appear to AdvRec configured correctly in v16.0.40.7. But I need the active:standby servers to act as resilient gateways for a stack of Cisco VG224 analogue gateways. The primary server is working nicely for this, and calls route perfectly well in and out, with a pair of SBCs upstream of FPBX.

I have trunks on the secondary server to the VG gateways, and the VGs have second preference dial peers to send calls to the secondary server is the primary server isn’t available. But when I deliberately send a call to the secondary server, expecting it to be routed out to the PSTN, it fails with message
“extension not found in context from-internal”

There are no extensions though, nor on the primary, only routes. So I’m not sure what I don’t know here. Is there something that is actually not running on the secondary server because the primary hasn’t failed, and AdvRec hasn’t caused a switch-over of something? Can I only test the secondary in a situation where the primary has failed?


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