Advanced Recovery Module Question

Does the setting Auto Switch services refer to switching services during the replicating/restoring or in the event of an outage? It appears default is No so I would assume it is during replacing/restoring but want to be sure. Thanks!

Yes, auto-switch means after switchover do we need to bring up the trunks or not. Please refer to to know more detail about this config option.


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Since this post is still live. Is the Advanced Recovery Module, as finicky as the Tellium Failover module? The reason I ask is, in the Tellium world, of the Main and failover FreePBX server are not updated and the EXACT same time, this can BREAK everything. In fact in the Tellium Haast world, they tell people to turn off automatic updates. Is the FreePBX advanced recovery module more forgiving than this?

I would assume no. The previous HA module wiki was littered with warnings about management and updates. I don’t see that on the advanced recovery module but I could be wrong.

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