Advanced IVR on FreePBX Schmooze

Hello everyone, i really need your kindly advise. i am new to FreePBX(i have an experience of simple IVR creating only)

so my situation is that i want an IVR, which has:
welcome menu:
hello, please dial 1 to send a congratulation to your boyfriend;
hello, please dial 2 to send a congratulation to your girlfriend;

after pressing 1 or 2 the congratulation message is played(the file i`ve already uploaded) and following is played:

if you want to send this congratulation, dial 8;
after you dialed 8:
please enter the number where you want to send the congratulation followed by “pound” key;
after this following is played:
the number to send the congratulation is {the number entered followed by #};
if the number is correct, dial 1 to send, dial 2 to change the number;

then, after congratulation is sent:
the congratulation was sent, thank you!;

so, i really don`t know how to do the sending congratulation, as there is no such kind of option to do via web interface.

maybe i need some programming?
or it can be done with web interface?

thanks in advance,

I think the custom destination can help you accomplish this via programming dialplan!

thank you for your reply, can you please tell if i can do this through web interface? if yes could you please explain how to do this : i know i can add custom context and there is a dial rule textbox. should i put “press 8 to send” context there?

I would do everything via custom-destination:

Through the web I do not know the best way!!!

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