Advance ringing one or two extension in a queue

Hello all,
I have a cascading queue setup Queue 500 get initial call and I have 10 people in there. if nobody answers or nobody is logged in it goes to a secondary Queue 501. with some of the same + some additional extensions. My problem lies with the first (Queue 500). I would like to give one or two extension a little bit of an advantage. Like one ring so they can get the call first but from appearance purposes in the queue everyone looks equal. Not funny business but we prefer out better agents to get the call first! I was reading something about wait but not sure how to implement.

Thanks in advance

A little more information. I would think this would be an extension setting not a queue setting

Maybe the penalties for the agents can help you

Penalty does not work because it all or nothing. I’m just lookin into a delayed ring for several members in the queue. Maybe at the extension level?

Static penalties are all or nothing, but in conjunction with Penalty Rules, they will do what you want: