Administrator Access Restrictions

When I turn on the database access and add administrators it does not seem to me that it is working correctly. For example: I select only extensions and then when I login as this administrator then I still have access to areas that I did not select. I did not select System Status (which by the way is listed twice as a selection) and it looks like there is no way to limit access to the module admin.

My understanding of this function is to limit the access to the admin controls for people to control there own departments or areas. With this in mind, the first thing that I want to do is limit the access to the module admin area.

I could be looking at this wrong or misusing it. Could someone from the project team comment on this please.

Mark Barry

Not being able to limit access to Module Administration is a bug, Greg was going to look into that. You may want to make sure there is a bug posted against this issue. Not providing access to the System Status area is something that has been debated. It really represents the index page although there may be data on that page that you would not want to display. We have discussed for example not showing any log messages that originate from modules that the user does not have access to.

As a general comment, the Administer mode, aside form the ability to limit modules, has always been a very immature and less than ideal implementation and really needs to be thought out and architect ed a lot better than it is today. That is slated for the future, along with a bunch of other fundamental changes that are on the list to address.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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Thanks for fixing this in version 2.3.1
It works great .

This module does not appear to be working correctly. I have tried setting up additional system administrators and it seems that I cannot restrict them from System Status, or the Tools section altogether. Anyone have any insight on this. Thanks.

The module works. The most common issue is that you either didn’t edit the amportal.conf file changing AUTHTYPE to database (It defaults to none) or you edited it but did not restart everything so the setting is read. To do that do amportal restart at the linux prompt.

If after checking both of these and it still does not work. Please provide details, as we are not mind readers. Since we don’t know the version of FreePBX, asterisk, etc… it is always possible that you are using a very old version that had a bug that’s been addressed in a newer version but do to the lack of that info we can only sit here and guess.

I set authtype=database and ran amportal restart but then I cannot gain access to the system.

I am running Redhat CentOS 4.7 Final with FreePBX This is a feature I will be looking to use in the future as the IT team are expanding into a small call centre.