Admin Login goes to white screen, no errors in the apache log (FreePBX

I have completed an upgrade and all was working for a while then I logged in today and made a change to a queue and reloaded. The screen went white and I cannot login on any broswer without getting a white screen.

I would guess it’s some module messing up, but there is no error in any log at all.

The system was an AsteriskNOW install that does have regular “yum updates / upgrades”.

Any ideas?

PHP: 5.3.2

Module Version Status

announcement Enabled
asterisk-cli Enabled
asteriskinfo Enabled
backup Enabled
blacklist Enabled
builtin Enabled
bulkdids Enabled
bulkextensions Enabled
callback Enabled
callforward Enabled
callrecording Enabled
callwaiting Enabled
campon Enabled
cdr Enabled
cidlookup Enabled
conferences Enabled
core Enabled
customappsreg Enabled
customcontexts Enabled
dahdiconfig Disabled; Pending upgrade to 2.10.22
dashboard Enabled
daynight Enabled
dictate Enabled
digiumaddoninstaller2.8.0 Enabled
directory Enabled
disa Enabled
donotdisturb Enabled
dundicheck Enabled
endpointman Enabled
extensionsettings Enabled
fax Not Installed (Locally available)
featurecodeadmin Enabled
findmefollow Enabled
fop2admin 1.2.10 Enabled
framework Enabled
fw_ari Enabled
fw_fop Enabled
fw_langpacks Enabled
iaxsettings Enabled
infoservices Enabled
irc Enabled
ivr Enabled
javassh Enabled
languages Enabled
languagestatus Enabled
logfiles Enabled
manager Enabled
miscapps Enabled
miscdests Enabled
music Enabled
outroutemsg Enabled
paging Enabled
parking Enabled
pbdirectory Enabled
phonebook Enabled
phpagiconf Enabled
phpinfo Enabled
pinsets Enabled
printextensions Enabled
queueprio Enabled
queues Enabled
qxact_reports Not Installed (Locally available)
recordings Enabled
restart Enabled
ringgroups Enabled
setcid Enabled
sipsettings Enabled
sipstation Enabled
speeddial Enabled
timeconditions Enabled
ttsengines Enabled
userpaneltab Enabled
vmblast Enabled
voicemail Enabled
weakpasswords Enabled

Has anyone seen this before? Still trying to solve it.

I would start by disabling all third party modules. In fact disable everything but framework and core then work your way up until you find the culprit.