Admin GUI error

This past Friday I installed the physical PBXACT 25 system purchased in December, then worked to configure. I was able to get things started, but ran into a GUI error part way through the setup. The system did update during the process both the Linux version and PBX software versions. I see the initial screen where I have the option of logging in as an admin or user. Once logging in as an admin I receive the error below. I have attached a screenshot of what I see when I connect through the GUI.

I am an IT professional but this is my first experience with FreePBX/Asterisk. I appreciate any help provided.

As I write this, resolves ok to, responds to ping and shows ‘False’ when accessed by HTTPS.

Can you access it from your desktop? If not, something is wrong with your network (firewall, DNS or routing) unrelated to PBXACT.

If that’s ok, can you ping it from a shell prompt on the PBXACT system? If not, check the usual suspects (ifconfig, /etc/resolv.conf, any firewall in the path).

If that’s also ok, retry the setup and if it still fails, use tcpdump or other networking tools to see why FreePBX can’t access it.


Thank you for quick response. I am able to ping that address from a client machine, however the PBX device is not. I at least now have that to focus on. It is utilizing the same DNS as the rest of the network so I will have to see where it is losing resolution as you suggested. I will update as I make progress.

OK, so… What happened was an alias of the internal ethernet device was created with the external ip. So, I essentially had two disparate network addresses on one port. Once I removed the aliased port I am not able to see the GUI. I appreciate the help. BTW, I am a Linux noob as well. Many years as a Windows admin, so this is a bit new. Again thanks for the help.