"Adhoc" device

I am in “useranddevice” mode. I set up some devices as “fixed” for a set of users. They worked well.

However, I also like to carry a device (I call it remote device) with me when I travel. But I like to decide which “Users” the remote device will be associated with so I can switch the remote device among different business “User” accounts during the trip.

Before the trip, I set up the remote device as “Adhoc” and choose “Default User” as “none”. I choose this because the words imply that I can instantiously change the association of this remote device with any “Users”.

When I was at hotel, the remote extension was successfully registered to PBX server and I could make calls in and out. My question is that how can I make this remote device associated with one particular “User” without using a computer to program it or my PBX (assuming I did not bring a laptop computer with me)?

Thanks in advance.

you login to the device as your user with your password.

I figured out myself. Basically, I just need to

  1. pick up the remote device and dial *11 beginning to log into a User account.
  2. enter the User number you wan to log in and user password
  3. when done, dial *12 to log out.

This is a great feature for people on the move.

One minor thing–after I successfully logged on to a user account. I picked up the remote extension to dial *65 to double check the extension number I just registered. I heard the system said " You extension number is " with 5-sec silence and then a busy tone. Looks like the system did not update the extension number for the *65 feature.


you should file tickets for such issues in the tracker, and indicate what version of FreePBX you are seeing it on. Also - if you plan on using adhoc devices, you should upgrade yourself to the beta 2.4 version. Adhoc devices have a lot of problems many of which are addressed in 2.4.