Address book on Yealink phones

I’m trying to implement FreePBX as it was recommended as being easy to manage and configure.

Configuring my template for my different yealink phones, they all have the directory button that for some reason shows up blank on the phone and the directory is empty. Where do I configure the address book to get the information.

I worked prior with 3CX phone systems and my address book was linked directly. I did a couple of searches and from what I have seen you need to create an XML and manage it, i’m sure there is a simpler way.

IIRC, this directory button works with Phone Apps, which requires a license for Yealink phones.

Once done, you can manage it in user manager and contacts manager

The problem with Phone Apps is that last year they pretty much made it a “Works 100% with Sangoma phones. As for other phones, support is no longer guaranteed.” So there is basically no support for non-Sangoma phones that use Phone Apps.

On top of that, if you look at the “supported” list all the Yealink models for the “Contacts” feature either say “Dialing Unconfirmed” or “Browse but not Dial”. Which basically means, you can look at your contacts but actually hitting a button to dial them from the list probably not going to work.

Not really a solution for this. Might just have to write something that dips into the contacts database table(s) and then generates the directory XML that the Yealinks can call on.

Thanks for the clearer information.

i’ll look into it the XML directory or just move to another solution

It’s really not that hard. All the contacts and their details are stored in database tables in MySQL. You just need to make some queries that push the output to an XML formatted file that the phones can pull and parse. I do it for locations with Yealink phones.

I can browse and dial out from using the phone apps contact feature on a Yealink T46.

Ditto here. I have no issues with Phone Apps and Yealink T46G phones.

did some more research and found a php script that gets directly the information from the DB and got it to work

Now my only problem is getting the button configured on the phones, I have 80 phones to configure so I don’t want to do it manually on each phone, any idea how to do it, based on the info in the link ?

I was just pointing out what was in the wiki. Those are probably models that were listed as unconfirmed.

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