Additional Maintenance Modules not accessible

I installed 5 additional maintenance modules viz sysinfo, asteriskinfo, configedit, phpmyadmin & sysstatus onto Freepbx-2.2.0rc1. Those neat modules are really nice tools and they are provided by Mark at

However I cannot access the first 4 modules from the freepbx->tools page. Everytime when I access, Apache will return the error “Forbidden; You don’t have permission to access /admin/modules/xxxx/xxxxxx.php on this server.”. I checked and found all php file in those folders were already set with permission 775, and were owned by “asterisk:asterisk”. What other config should I check and amend to make these php files accessible?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

My question reduces to one of “self service”…:slight_smile:

I solved the problem by changing the directive in httpd.conf:

<Directory /var/www/html>
AllowOverride None

Now I am happy and soon to say “bye” to bloatware.

Yes Rob would not see the need as nor do I.

(I do not use them myself I only provide this for those who do)

I do not know Mark.
I do that the script will install them.
I do know that 80 % of my script is right off the AAH 2.8 ISO.
I do know that unless you give the modules the correct access they will not work.
I do know a few folks have used the scripts to install the modules.

Yes I read your script. You add to httpd.conf with a directive for every module. That works alright.

I am more convinced by Mark ( as he said:

"Copy all the folders in the zip into this folder on your [email protected] machine


You could use WinSCP to do this.

Then go into your modules admin in the browser and install the new modules. Once this is done go to tools and you should have the following modules

Asterisk Info - Showing all your extensions and trunks
PHPMyAdmin - To edit files in your database
System Info - Show info on your Asterisk box
Configedit - Edit your asterisk files through the browser
System Status - To show your uptime and whether asterisk is up or down."

I lodged a ticket to request these modules to be made part of freepbx, Rob did not agree.

OK you are little confused

TB is nothing but a install script …
there is nothing in TB which can not be installed alone.

Freepbx is Freepbx

there is nothing TB about the way I install them.

I do not run TB on any of my boxes, we all run the custom system built for ground up
(well if you can call my ripped off iso as from the ground up install)

“It seems to authenticate the access against some user/admin database”

I guess you did not read the script at all…

You must understand the modules you want are NOT SUPPORTED out of the box.
You are wanting items which need to access the system a higher level than anything else you got from the module download
so the system must be prepared to allow such access

It takes a little more than just dumping the modules in the right folder
go view the install script I have at

mine setup works fine.

Installing these modules on your box will make it VERY INSECURE



I actually placed the maint-modules in /var/www/html/admin/modules folder, and got “modules admin” to “install and enable” them. I am thinking this way should get them work right out of the box. Furthermore, freepbx webroot files do not seem to be using Apache’s .htaccess neither is it using AuthUserFile directive. It seems to authenticate the access against some user/admin database. Well, I am not a php programmer and have no idea how it does that.

Your script installs the maint-modules just like Trixbox, but I am trying out a way where I am able to access these modules within the freepbx->tools menu, making freepbx simple and inclusive of the necessary tools, not as bloated as Trixbox. Any idea how I can do this?