Adding stuff to extensions.conf manually

We had an Asterisk box running in a “man-in-the-middle” setup with a legacy PBX without FreePBX installed and using an extremely basic dialplan (like 15 lines of configuration) that basically let’s calls pass through unhindered. This was just a starting place to work out from there, but it worked flawlessly…

Then I swapped that box with a newer one with FreePBX and although I got 99% of it working with just a few routes configured, there is something going on in the massive FreePBX dialplan that is interfering with the Legacy PBX’s voicemail.

Without getting into the gory details of what is actually not working, I’d like to use the old simple dialplan rules in my old Asterisk box temporarily if possible (in addition to the FreePBX dialplan).

My Question: Is this a bad (or impossible) plan? What is the “safest” way of accomplishing that? Any serious caveats?

This setup would just be used until we migrated away from the legacy system.

Thank you and Happy New Year,

FreePBX provides hooks for custom code in the extensions_custom.conf file. Just make sure to use the right context’s if you want to access the FreePBX dial plan.

from-internal-custom gives you access to all the extension facing stuff.