Adding second NIC/static ip for outbound calls


I have PBX configured with 2 NIC, 0 for local network where all extentions are connected and 1 where all the SIP providers/ Trunks are connected for outbound/Inbound calls from trunks,

I need to add another interface for outbound Trunk as it is locked to our Different I.P and calls will only be accepted if sent from said IP but due to too much traffic I cant send all data to 2nd NIC, I need a way to manage it somehow that all traffic for trunks goes to 1 NIC and traffic for that specific Trunk goes through 2 NIC,

Is this possible ?


Was this supposed to say “for extensions…”? Otherwise I’m confused.

This is an OS thing. You should define a static route, to the provider, over the second interface.

You may also want to bind a specific chan_pjsip transport to the second interface. This is something that can’t be done with chan_sip, but you should no longer be using that. I think this is now possible from the GUI, but you might still need to customise the transport definition files.


NIC0 for local traffic,
NIC1 for all Trunks,
NIC2 for (if possible) this trunk

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