Adding prefix to outgoing CID with IAX2 trunk


I have two servers connected via iax2 trunk, everything work’s like a charm beside one thing, both sides extensions are XXX and when one user calls to remote extension then the remote server does a lookup on his CID with local extension list.

I would like to add prefix to outgoing CID’s, since I use 8|. as dial plan for this trunk I would like to add 8 to outgoing calls CID’s


Did you see the field in the trunk “Outbound Dial Prefix” ???


he wants CID prefix not dial prefix.

Your best bet is to create a custom context for the calls to come into, vs. from-internal or what ever you are using, that adds the prefix on the receiving end and then fires the call off to which ever context you are currently configured with.

OOOps I am sorry Philippe, did not read the post correctly.

Thanks for the reply!

I’s there a way just to play around with outgoing CID in trunk settings? like 8$CIDNUM ?


Sorry to bump up an old thread.

Does anyone have an example of this? I am currently having this issue