Adding Polycom VVX 600 endpoint in endpoint manager?

We can get the basic phone files onto the phone,ok … but not sure what we need to do to actually get it to talk to asterisk properly.

What I’d like to know is how to go under the Endpoint device manager and add the phone as an endpoint… all I see is the “Polycom SIP 1500 VVX”, what magic do I need to weave to get the proper config stuff into asterisk?

My google-fu yields very little. I see a reference in these forums to the phone, and downloading the configs for the latest verison.

I can’t comment on that particular model, but I just setup four Polycom IP6000s and found that I had to go into the config on the phone and manually set the provisioning server IP and change the protocol from FTP (the Polycom default) to TFTP. Once I did that on each phone they picked up the firmware updates, rebooting, and then grabbed the correct config files.

All of the Polycom endpoints run the same UC software so the config will work across the whole line. You may have to tweak the output of the endpoint manager if something doesn’t suit you, that’s what the built in editor is for in the EPM.