Adding parameters to a GUI-configured extension?

Is there a way to add parameters to a GUI-configured extension so they will NOT get overwritten everytime?

I have a situation where the username sent by a SIP device is not identical to the extension number I want to use in Asterisk, so I would have to add a “username=xxx” parameter to the extension definition, which is not possible in the GUI.

I saw a sip_custom.conf file once with a syntax like “[502]+”, where 502 was an extension already defined by the GUI in sip_additional.conf, but I cannot find that example right now and am not sure of the exact syntax nor whether it really would work.

You can do that from the GUI in 2.5



I don’t know if this only works in SIP definitions (in other contexts the question of sequence would arise) but I defined my extension (i.e. 601) in the GUI and then added in sip_custom_post.conf a section which started,


where I put my “username=” parameter, and it worked.

that is the correct place to add it and the reason that sip_custom_post.conf exists. For now I believe it is the only solution for such situations.

I just upgraded to the 2.5 RC, but can’t find where in the 2.5 GUI I can add extra params for extensions …

I have ran into the same problem my post is here

But it does not seem to work for me.

for instance
under the 100 extension remains unchanged.

Can you post your specific example to see how its done?

I see you have quotations around username=, are the quotations required?

How would I remove
would it be
"username=" myusername