Adding New User

I add the proper .cnf file in the tftboot folder, but when the phone still comes up with the old user. I am at a loss, the user doesn’t exist anywhere in the system as far as I can tell.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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What are you exactly trying to do? What is this user you are talking about? We can try to help if you provide more specific information.

Ok. So I add an extension on the PBX side. Add the inbound route. Then I go into the tftboot file and add the mac address .cnf file (i.e. SIP001B5494F295.cnf). Within that file I have the corresponding extension and user name. However, when I install the phone it still shows up with the old extension and user name.

I apologize for not including more information in the first post.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

I’m going to guess that you are trying to configure a Cisco IP phone based on SIP001B5494F295.cnf where 001B5494F295 is that MAC address of the phone. Is this correct?
If it is a Cisco phone, then you will need a few more files to configure.

What version of FreePBX are you running and is it part of another distribution like PiaF? What distribution of Linux are you running it on Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS, …?

Normally when an IP phone comes up with the old extension information, it means that it can’t register/find the asterisk PBX on the network. This could be due to the .cnf file not configured properly, other global config files in the tftpboot directory incorrectly configured, missing firmware to download, the dhcp server not providing enough info like providing the tftp server IP address, mismatched extension/secrets between the phone and Asterisk, etc…

Yes it’s a Cisco IP phone and that is the MAC address. It’s FreePBX running on a Redhat OS. All setting seem to match working phone, so I’m really at a lose… Anything help you can provide would be much, much appreciated!


There are several different models of Cisco phones and they all have their own quirks. What model is it? If it is a 7960, I can help you.

It’s the 7940. Pretty close. I hope close enough.

Here’s instructions that I wrote for the Cisco 7960 lab that my students follow. It should be similar to the 7940. You’ll need a license in order to use the 7940 tftp files needed in your /tftpboot directory. Install the 7940 Cisco tftp files in your PiaF server’s /tftpboot directory, do NOT put them in a sub-folder.

Should of checked the link before posting. It is corrected above now…

The link doesn’t go to instructions. Thanks again for all your help!


Just checked the status messages. I am getting a W250 TFTP Error: Timeout dialplan.xml

First I wanted to start by saying thanks for all your help.

I think I have determined that the new phones aren’t see the tftboot folder… Not sure why or when this happened, but any new phones aren’t able to connect. The TFTServer address is correct so I am at lost.

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Can you ping the phones from the tftp server?