Adding new phones to OSS Endpoint Manager

I have some Cisco handsets, and have since been doing their provisioning manually (that is, putting the firmware on TFTP and building static config files).

I’ve used OSS EPM for provisioning Polycom handsets, and customised the config files according to my needs so I have some low-level “advanced” experience with OSS EPM. I find it a really useful tool.

I would like to be able to add in Cisco 7942G handsets (we have SmartNet for these, so I can legit source the specific firmware etc). OSS EPM has a link to a website which doesn’t exist anymore. Does anyone have this page cached or knows somewhere I can find some more details about adding my own handsets? My google-fu is lacking today.

If you clicked and read the description you’d see it links to a github site that accepts contributions.