Adding file to backup

Is there a way to add a file to the backup with FreePBX 15?

It was possible earlier, but I can’t find anything on 15.

I want to add my postfix main.conf and extension_custom.conf.


Hmmm… Looking at the Wiki I don’t see such a section, I also don’t see any hooks which we are using a lot for pre and post backup.

Please raise Feature request by following wiki



(You should publish them and have a voting system.)


People can vote on the issue tracker. Can you please post the link?

This needs to be documented with Backup/Restore v15. The ability to do custom backup locations in FreePBX has been a key feature of Backup/Restore pre-v15 and with v15 it was removed. As much as you guys love to talk about the new features, things like this need the lost features between versions documented.

The lack of documentation or notice that this feature of Backup/Restore is gone in v15 is only discover-able once someone has moved their system to v15 in some manner (upgrade/migration) only to find their Backup/Recovery processes have been broken with no way to fix it at the moment. You know, outside of asking for the feature to be restored and hoping it will be.


Is there any workaround? I had to manually copy files, forgot some, and then got into trouble, as they had the wrong rights (root is not enough). Before it was so easy to add the files and even non-IT people could backup/restore from the web interface.

Agree with Tom. There should a list of new features, as well as a list of features that have been removed/deprecated.

Happened to some users who upgraded from 13 to 14 when the Queue* and Queue** feature codes were removed, and people only found out once the system was already in production, cuz who tests all feature codes prior putting a system into production?..

I did not put anything on the issue tracker. It is not really a bug. I was told to raise a feature request and I did this. There is no link to vote.

I did not find any so far. If anybody knows one, please let me know!

Do I understand that correct, that any modification outside FreePBX gets lost on Backup/Restore so one can after a crash not install a distro and restore a backup and have a fully working system again?

Is there any way to create a fake module so that the custom files get backed up?

I am scared to tell my boss that we do now not have a full backup anymore.

IIRC, one of the selling points of the new B/R module was that additional ‘sections’ were managed by additional modules, so that each module could add its important files to the backup without having to add a bunch of independent flotsam to the system.

If that’s the case, the right answer might be for someone to write a wiki on “adding backup/restore controls to your custom module”. Knowing what methods and controls are available to allow access to B/R without having to actually modify B/R would be a really awesome addition.

I see now that the Wiki was updated and it’s now asking users to send an email VS submitting via the issue tracker.

I did extend James F bit on files with examples it’s here if you are interested.


Thank you so much! I did not see this before.

I could change it so that it reads from its own config file.

Will the module somehow be backed up?

You install this module and then that appears in your list of modules to backup to select

I am not sure if we are talking about the same. I understand that I have to install the module to “activate” it. I know I can sign it locally.

But in the module code I see nothing that backs up the module itself. So, if I after a crash install a new distro and restore from a backup, will the module be there?

fwconsole bu --Implemented
does not work for me.

announcement: Backup & Restore FreePBX 15+ – Adding support for custom files or directories

Backup module ver (now in edge) adds the ability to define custom files and directories to include in a 15 backup.


Thank you Lorne!

Amazing! This works great!

Lest anyone think I had anything to do with this feature personally, this was the work of the dev team @mmishra and @kgupta1 probably others.

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