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I would like to find out whether I can add extra functionality to the GUI and whether this would violate any licensing? I do not want to modify logos and/or change the names etc as I know this requires OEM program. What I am after is, I have a piece of software that generates statistics for Asterisk System and I wanted (for ease of our customers who use FreePBX) to have a button in the header that will take them to the software dashboard, and perhaps create an additional page within FreePBX UI where a user will be able to modify various settings that relate to the statistics software. Also, I was thinking about creating a simplified dashboard (as the current one is not very appealing) - Could this also be done?

Mind you no existing features will be changed and/or removed. Only new added which are relevant to what we do


You simply need to abide by the terms of the license (typically GPLv2/GPLv3) with code you use. Most of this revolves around leaving credit/copyright notices and releasing modified source if you distribute covered code. I am not a lawyer so I can’t tell you what is or is not ok but there is a FAQ

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from my side, i love this idea…

but I know for me I’d love it MORE if you made it a menu option or two… something like:
“Show link button”
“link button text”
“link button URL”

so you could turn it on/off
change the text (so its useful to You!)
and set a customizable URL.

Typical dev rules apply - feature request, track the work via Jira, run the unit tests, etc.

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