Adding Cell/Mobile as an extension?

I’ve recently installed FreePBX to replace my old 1.0.7 * system.
With my old system I tagged my cellphone number on to a dial string so that when my analogue office line rang, it called my office extensions and my cellphone too, it used a SIP connection to call the cell.

What is the best wat to do this with FreePBX. I was wondering if I could add my cellphone as an extension and then just put this in the list of phones which ring.

However I cant seem to get the dial string right, can anybody point me in the right direction please.
I was hoping to use a SIP trunk called which works fine otherwise.


I fixed it thanks. I used in the dial section of the custom extension:-


Works fine now. I assume I can now use this extension in any other parts of the dial plan, including ring groups etc.


just put in ring tpye in the cell number like any other number some use # after the number

Thanks Bubba, can you gice me a little more details please?


Could someone explain how this works so I can apply it to my setup?
I’ve tried adding a mobile as above ( SIP/ ) but when I dial the extension l get one brief ring (literally half a second) then it plays the engaged tone (I’ve replaced the number with Xs just for the post obviously…don’t want every Tom, Dick, and Harry phoning me at all hours…lol).

I’ve also tried just the number, the number followed by #, the number with the 0 dropped and 44 added, to no avail.

I’ve found that the best way to do this is with a followme virtual extension that then dials the cell phone. Can’t remember the details but I think it had to do with flexibility and features.

Does it need to dial SIP/ or just the cell phone number without the “SIP/” bit?

Just put the ext numbers and the cell phone number in a ring group


This will ring ext 1000 and 1001 and a cell phone where the system needs to dial 9 for an outside line followed by a 7 digit cell number.
The cell phone can be put in its own ring group if you want to ring ext 1000 and 1001 and if they dont answer the destination is a ring group with your cell.

I got it working using this for the actual extension dial number:

Local/[email protected]

and a follow me with just the mobile number in it and a # on the end:


I followed Karl’s last post. Because I’m using in Spain, I had to modify it a slight bit by adding 0034 to the mobile number in both the extension & the followme settings. Works great, thanks for the info!!