Adding Background Images to Cisco 7942 and 7962


I have been googling around trying to figure out how I am able to add background images to my Cisco phone 7942 and 7962.

I am pretty new to FreePBX and Endpoint Manager but I can see the EPM does not support these models for background images.

From my researching, I can see others were able to get these images working on the exact same models

The images are saved and uploaded into my EPM (/tftpboot/images/original), the phones are simply not picking up the url path. Do I have to place these images into another directory?

I have the dimensions for both full and thumbnail images what they should be in PNG format.

Any help will be great!

I used a List.xml file for this and to make sure you have the proper size of the image.

Here’s mine as an example, change as you need.

Then the phone should look for the directory http://IPofPBX/Desktops/320x196x4/List.xml

Thanks for the reply!

Still not working

I have created the Directory 192.168.x.x\Desktops\320x196x4\List.xml

List.xml being

Fullimage.png and thumbnail.png being in 192.168.x.x\Desktops\320x196x4\

Any configuring am I missing here?

/var/log/messages is your friend here. It should tell you exactly what directory the image file should be pulled from.

Got it working. Thanks you guys ! Much appreciated.

Turns out I had the directory in the wrong place… it wasn’t in my /tftpboot/ directory

Thanks again!