Adding analog phones

Hi, I have a FreePBX system that I use PRI for voice line, I’m looking to add 40 analog extensions to it and was wondering what would be a good ATA/FXS device to use for this purpose?


Channel Banks work great for this. As an alternative, we actually like Adtran 924e’s - you can get them on EBAY fairly cheaply and they work great - we have a Hotel that has 90 rooms and we are using 3 of them - they are awesome.

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I will second the Adtran recommendation and add Grandstream GXW4248. These will provide 48 FXS ports. Had good luck in Hotel environment with these as well.

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Thank for your inputs guys, does it matter if my PBX is using SIP or PRI?

Not really.

Not at all - the only thing you will lose with a PRI is T.38 - but the number of SIP providers that actually has a fully-baked T.38 infrastructure is very small - so no, PRI with either a Channel Bank or an FXS gateway works great.