Adding a prefix but will not dial it

Hello, I have to add two zeros for my calls to go thru. I have added them in the trunk itself in the dial rules and I get the following.

fixlocalprefix: Added prefix. New number: 0012345678912 but still will not connect, the rest of the log shows the number without the zeros. I have also tried the outbound dial prefix in the trunk but no luck.

I wonder if there is yet another way of being able to incluce these two zeros there.


Do you have it set on the trunks page or the outbound page?

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Thanks Roger, I tried it both ways on the trunk there are two places dial rules and outbound prefix and then there is the outbound where I tried this 00+1+NXXNXXXXXX the thing is that in the log I can see it as new number but it doesn’t dial the new number.

What do you sugest Roger.

Thank you.

No takers on this one.