Adding a number in history list to contacts

When viewing history on phone, if I add a number to my Contacts, whre is that number stored. How do i access my contacts for that phone?

Contacts for the PBX are different than contacts for the specific phone. Part of that is because they are different locations, and part of that is because the contact lists for the phones are phone specific. Most can be accessed in “more or less” real time through the use of a PHP program that generals a phone-compatible list that can be downloaded to the phone when the “contacts” or “Directory” button is pressed.

Dave, the phones have access to the Contacts in the FreePBX contact module. When the user views their call history and adds a phone number to their contacts list, I just don’t know where that phone number is being added to what contact list…

Yealink uses a PHP program to update the local contact database - we were talking about it here a couple of weeks ago.

The Sangoma guys may be able to help you with the other (since you appear to be using both Sangoma and Yealink).

Thanks again, Dave. I’ll check with Sangoma, and share if I hear anything beneficial.

WE do not support pushing contacts from the phone to the PBX as FreePBX does not have a way of doing that at this time.

Thanks Tony. Is there a way to remove the option when viewing your call history to add a number to your contacts?