Adding a new interface caused deactivation

I added a new network interface eth1, but the original is there, same mac address. The public IP moved to the eth1, while eth0 is now virtual IP.
The cards were moved first, so the mac address changed, but I corrected that and eth0 has the same mac address as before.
I want to use this command
fwconsole sysadmin activate deploymentid |
but I cannot find my deploymentid. I have not reactivated the PBX again.
I need to be in business early tomorrow. How do I find that number? I bought several modules from Sangoma and the don’t work.

You will need to log in to the Sangoma Portal with the email address you used to activate the system. You will then find your deployment ID and details of modules purchased against that ID.

This is the issue, my sangoma portal has no PBXs, but I got my deployment ID from the modules’ invoices, and reactivated successfully my PBX. The question is, why my portal has no record of my deployment? Is it a bug on Sangoma’s system or somebody stole my registration and added it another account?

You will need to raise a Customer Service Ticket with Sangoma for that.

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