# added to extension in ring group to call follow me

Does the above actually work as its supposed to? Here is what it says:

Extensions without a ‘#’ will not ring a user’s Follow-Me. To dial Follow-Me, Queues and other numbers that are not extensions, put a ‘#’ at the end.

Doesn’t that mean if you add a # to the end of the extension, it SHOULD dial follow me, from the ring group?
Clarification please. does not make sense.

As I understand it:

If the # is on the end of a regular phone number (not a local extension) the number will be dialed.
If the # is on an extension (local number) the extension will be dialed and, on no answer, the Follow Me will be used. If there is no #, the FMFM will not be invoked.

thats the problem right there. we had the # on the end of an extension, in the ring group, and it didn’t call follow me number.

The way I think it’s supposed to work is that the timeout for FMFM needs to happen first, so if someone picked up the call, it wouldn’t have timed out.

Note that this is predicated on the extension not being busy at the time. If the phone is Off Hook of DND (for example), the ring group won’t try to call it. Logs would tell you what is actually happening.

I found out what was happening. If you add # to extension in ring group, then you don’t need extension number, in follow me, if you are going to utilize an external number.

plus i also extended ring time in ring group so that follow me would pickup before ring group timed out.

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