Added a side car now headset won't hang up call

This is a fairly obscure issue but I know there are a lot of experienced folks here so, hoping one of you may have come across this issue. I am running FreePBX installed via the ISO. We use Mitel 6867i Handsets(currently on firmware, and Plantronics Savi 740 headsets. All was working well until yesterday when I added an M-685 sidecar to one of the 6867i handsets. The only changes made to the system when the sidecar was added was to add the expansion module in endpoint manager and create a separate template for the phone with the sidecar, then save, rebuild config and update the phone. At that point, the Plantronics stopped hanging up calls when pressing the call control button on the headset. We have several of these headsets in the office and the only one that will not hang up the call is the one connected to the phone with the sidecar. How that can make a difference, I do not know. In an attempt to prove out my assumption that is was indeed caused by the sidecar and not the config, I ssh’ed into the FreePBX server, cd to /tftpboot, copy the <MAC>.cfg from the phone with the sidecar to <MAC>.cfg to match my phones mac address. I then manually edited the config and changed only the sip registration info and manually restarted my phone so it would pull the new config. Same make and model phone and headset but without the side car attached, the headset answers and hangs up calls.

Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.

I only have the one sidecar and of course it is on the bosses phone, so I have to wait till after hours to test anything.


When was the last time that you had built config on all the extensions and pushed them to the phones?

Last update was maybe a month ago, possibly two.

Then are you certain that everything as green before this change in EPM -> Endpoints? Because tha tis really the only time I’ve seen something change for no apparent reason. Because things had changed, but no one new what.

While I don’t think it’s going to help, you could rebuild the config for one of your other phones and see if the problem is in the generated config, or if it’s something else. If your headset continues to work with the new EPM updates on all but that phone, you’ve reduced the problem surface to something spooky with the phone.

Because of your manual test, I’m going to guess that the problem is probably something else. If it is, it’s going to be something Mitel specific. Good luck - there are some experts on here that might be able to help you, but the Mitel forums might be a good place to look for additional help.

Yes, I am certain nothing has changed, other than the addition of the sidecar, as I am the only one that would make changes.

cynjut, agreed it is probobly something Mitel specific. I am going to have to try the sidecar on another phone with the same config and headset model. It may be a while before I can do so but will report back afterwards.

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