Add virtual nic Sangoma software sbc

I have downloaded and set up the Sangoma software sbc in VMware. I have ordered the licensing but in the meantime am running with the 2 free licenses.

Post install I added 2 virtual nics which show up in the network tab as down but I am unable to find where I can add them to the network settings. Obviously the Centos OS sees them. How do I get them to be configurable in the SBC web gui?

I’ve just created the new wiki page up at to go over all the steps required for adding a new NIC to the SBC.

Typically step #5 is the hard part, as you need the command in order for the webUI to detect the new NIC. But if you are seeing the interface in the webUI then you can start at step #7.

If there is any issues, please open a support ticket up at and provide direct SSH access to the SBC. You can white list to avoid opening access up to the entire internet.

Sangoma Support


Thanks Marc! That was exactly what I needed. It worked perfectly!

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